• This Is Why The UFC Doesn't Permit Custom-made Walkouts

    Throughout the history of battling, and undoubtedly expert fight sports it is a natural requirement that during the days preceding a fight 2 fighters will try and enter each other’s heads and frighten each other, so to speak, so as to establish a mental advantage, with some of combating s biggest names being masters of this art i.e. Mohammed Ali to name however simply one.

    To that end, why not go all out and instead of just aggravating your challenger based on an insecurity or shortcoming, truly horrify them with, say, a horrifying walkout. Brazilian possibility Gabriel Macario appeared to be of this opinion as he handled JulianoMilitao at Aspera FC 38 this weekend, on May 27th in Barueri, Brazil.

    The previous unbeaten (now 4-1) possibility was getting in into the octagon following his very first career defeat by way of submission to Gerardo Nunez in Spain last month. If Macario’s octagon entryway is anything to go by then he did not take that loss too well in the smallest, or, Were not too sure how he took it at all as he aimed to recover the momentum in his battling career prior to he was tapped in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In an entrance that is more troubling than anything Macario appears to be dressed as Brazil’s demonic, Satan-like answer to Bosco. When the time came to battle Macario did quite well, more than quite well in-fact as he scored a clean knockout off a counter left-hook send out leaving Militao sprawled on the flat of his back.

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